Effects of Misalignment

Five most common negative effects misalignment can have on your machinery.

  1. Seal Failure:

Mechanical seals are very expensive, and when one fails, fluid leaks can adversely affect other machine components.


  1. Bearing Failure:

In addition to the replacement cost of bearings, you can also suffer damage to other components, with an even greater loss to downtime.



  1. Energy Loss:

Misalignment makes a machine less efficient resulting in wasted energy and higher power consumption.


  1. Increased Vibration:

Misalignment is the number one cause of excessive vibration. As vibration levels increase, machinery reliability decreases.


  1. Excessive Heat:

Excessive heat indicated you have machinery problems. Not only does it contribute to the breakdown of lubrication; it can also pose a safety concern.

Shaft alignment of rotating equipment is an essential part of machinery maintenance.